Week 4 Quiet Moment - I realize I'm never going to be a great landscape photographer, a tweaked back, and a failed attempt.

So this past week was a bit of a dud yet I'm pleased with what I ended up with.  What happened? I'll first start with what I wanted to shoot this week.  I wanted to take a photo of Mount Rainier from Seward Park at sunrise. Something like this:

Except at sunrise and with a better camera than an iPhone.  I was thinking long exposure as well so the lake would be smoothed out.  Unfortunately the weather was not cooperative last week.  There was a brief window of a sliver of a possibility of some color on Wednesday morning. I decided that I would set my alarm for a little early and that I could easily zip over to Seward Park and grab the shot and head back in time for my daily 8:30 am meeting (the joys of working from home).

Come Wednesday morning... I slept in.  I heard the rain and thought never mind.  It's not worth getting up and going out in the rain.  In that moment I realized I will never become a great landscape photographer because that requires early mornings and a willingness to go out in really crummy weather.  Can I improve on this? Sure. However,  I'm okay with being a mediocre landscape photographer if that means I can sleep in and stay out of really crummy weather. My lovely wife finally goaded me in to going to at least try to getting a shot.  I grabbed my back pack and went out the door.  I then tweaked my back as I SET DOWN MY BAG IN THE BACK OF THE CAR.  Yeah, I'm definitely in my 40's now.  My back hurt, a lot (fortunately my back was much better the next day with some Aleve and rest).  I knew the good light was fading and I was running out of time.  I persevered.  I drove over to Seward Park.  By the time I got there not only was the good light gone, what little there was, Mount Rainier was totally blocked by clouds.  There was no shot to be had.  I got back in the car and headed home to take some Aleve and to hope on a conference call.

I was bummed out.  I wasn't sure what else I was going to do.  I thought about maybe taking a photo of the dog snoozing on the couch.  This would be an easy shot to get as he spends about 20 hours a day asleep on the couch.  Plus what could be more easy? I've posted that shot many, many, many times on my Instagram feed. I did take a couple.  You can see one of them below in this week's photo gallery.

Finally I decided that I would get out and take a photo of something that I wanted to shoot, not just check a box for the week (even if I was late at this point).  During the day today(Tuesday) I noticed that the clouds were forming something that could be a nice background during sunset.  I decided to go out and run down to Pritchard Beach. I warned the boy that we were going to go at  4:30 and to go take a photo for Daddy's photo project.  He was eager to go tag along (I also told him he was going to be able to run around all over the park while I was taking the photo.) I thought nothing sounded more like a quiet moment than a beach in Seattle during the winter.

We got to the park and I took my first test shot.  I realized I didn't like the composition so I adjusted my shot and then waited for the colors to get really nice.  I think it worked out pretty well. I'm actually quite please with my shot overall.  Next time I just need the weather and (more importantly) my motivation to cooperate.

You're going to get another blog post later this week.  This week's theme is "Wildcard: Photographer's Choice."  I'm not sure what I'm going to shoot.  I do know that it's going to involve some film. I just need to figure out how I'm going to digitize my photos.