Week 7 - Composition: Fill the Frame

This week's assignment was fairly straight forward. Take a picture of something and have nothing else in the frame.  I wasn't sure what to shoot this week at first.  I figured I would get some shots of the dog or the boy.  Early in the week I took a couple of photos of the dog.  I tried to take a couple of the boy but he had a case of the croup and then just wasn't in the mood to sit for another of Daddy's photos later in the week once he got better.

I hadn't looked at my photos of the dog and I wanted to try a couple of other things.  My lovely wife took full advantage of the day after Valentine's Day sales and got some really nice roses for more than half off.  I thought that might look nice in some nice window light.  They ended up nice but boring.

Pretty flowers, yet boring flowers.

I was going through the photos of the dog I had taken earlier.  Just as I was editing my favorite of them, a headshot. My wife walked in and saw it and, almost, shouted "He's so cute! I love that photo of him!'  She STRONGLY suggested that should be the photo of the week.  Who am I to disagree?  The only question was color or black and white.

While I personally loved the black and white more I went with the color based on my photo editor's (the wife) strong suggestion.

You can see the posting on Instagram below.

Once I posted the photo in the Facebook Group I'm glad I took my wife's suggestion on which photo to choose. There were several photos of close ups of flowers that were nice though boring.  There were a several that posted photos of their pets that focus on just having the face or the eyes of their pet none were quite like mine.  I was glad that I had something a little more unique.

Next week is Zoom Bursts.  It looks like a fun technique.  I found a good tutorial here. I think I'll head to Kerry Park and see if I can't make something cool.