Week 6 - Vision: Alternating Rhythm

Another week another series of black and white photos.  The theme this week is Alternating Rhythm.  I had originally thought that I would go downtown and take some abstract photos of some of the skyscrapers.  I wanted to do it during a sunny day and that just isn't on the forecast any time soon.  I still have the pile of instant photos from last week's challenge.  I then thought it would be fun to go back to Kubota and reshoot some of my Instax photos on my digital camera. I could not only get some great shots for this week's theme I could also do a little comparison with last week's photo.

I'll start with the photo that inspired this week's photo shoot.

This week's inspiration.

Like previous weeks I had a clear vision of what I wanted to shoot.  I wanted to reshoot this photo as well as 3 other locations in the park, plus a few more if I had time. Since I was doing this on my lunch break I wouldn't have a lot of time.

As I was setting up my tripod two construction workers were heading back to work stopped to chat briefly.  They wanted to know what I was shooting.  I responded that I was going to take a shot of the trees in black and white against the clouds and that it should look cool, though you never know if it's going to turn out.  They were amazed that I could see something like those trees and be able to come up with something artistic like that.  I just said thanks and that it wasn't a lot of natural talent, rather it was due to a lot of hard work over the years.

While I wasn't sure what the focal length of my Instax Wide camera is I did take the instant prints along with me that I was trying to mimic so I could get similar framing.  I set my camera to F8 and fired off my shot.  I was quite please with what I got.

The digital version of my inspiration.

I love both of these photos for very different reasons.  The Instant version has soft focus not to mention that there appears to be a little camera blur.  This softness adds to the photos beauty.  I love the digital version because the trees are totally sharp and crisp against the soft billowy background of the clouds. The same subject in two very different photos, both lovely.

I then moved on to one of the ponds.  There was a lovely footbridge that I bought would make some nice patterns of light and dark on the smooth water of the pond. When I took the photo using my instant camera last week the photo came out too dark and the composition wasn't quite what I wanted.  This week the digital one came out closer to what I had in mind originally.

I then moved on to my biggest challenge.  There is a thick wood at Kubota. That my lovely wife calls "The Fairy Tale Forest." (It's actual name is Ferra Ferra Forest, originally a nursery planting of Threadleaf Cypress.)  Both she and I have tired in vain to photograph the forest showing just how amazing it is.  I've tried different lens combinations and different times of the day to no avail.  Today I thought that there might be a photo to be made with the pattern of how the trees are laid out with the path winding through them.

As you can see The Fairy Tale Forest is pretty great.  While I'm really pleased with how this turned out (I may print it out later) it doesn't quite fit the theme of Alternating Rhythm.  Still, I'm glad I finally was able to get a good shot of the woods, though I highly recommend that you go see it in person.

Finally, just for fun I thought I might get a shot of Moon Bridge. Last week I got a pretty good shot of the bridge that was nicely framed.  I took the shot from an overlook spot above Moon Bridge.  The bridge is a vibrant bright red color set against the grey stone and green bushes.  It makes for a striking subject.  There's also a lot of nice light there and a lot of great texture which would translate well into a black and white photo.

What photo did I submit this week? It came down to my first photo of the trees and the photo of the pond.  Those both best represented the theme of alternating rhythm.  However, the trees was just a much better photo.

It was a lot of fun this week to shoot in black and white again.  Given that there are so many wonderful colors at Kubota I'm not sure many would choose to do an entire shoot in only black and white.  It was fun to do.  I was able to go and do this shoot in the span of about 30 minutes during my lunch break.  I had a clear idea of what I wanted to shoot and how I was going to shoot it.  

Unlike my previous attempt at a 52 week project I feel much more confident in my vision of what I want to create as well as my ability to create those photos.  It's a nice feeling to have.  It won't be like this all the time and there will be times where I know what I want and I think I know how to do it only to fail.  I'm okay with that.  I'll learn from that and move on, hopefully doing a much better job next time. I'm probably still in the honeymoon phase of this challenge, since I'm only 6 weeks into it.  Still, It feels good and I'm enjoying it.