Seattle Great Wheel

Week 3 Full Manual - Cold, Rain, and a Great Wheel

This week's challenge was Full Manual.  Like a lot of other people doing the challenge I did a long exposure, you can see several on Instagram here. In fact somebody else in the Facebook group had taken a photo of the Great Wheel earlier in the week, I didn't see it until I was posting mine.  Oh well.  As I've said before this is about getting practice in not about necessarily making great art, though I wouldn't mind it if that happened.

 What's been nice about doing this challenge is that I have all of the themes ahead of time.  That gives me lots of time to think about what I'm going to do in advance.  I'm able to go and shoot exactly what I want. We'll see if that keeps up. Because of this I had known that I wanted to shoot the Great Wheel, it's a bit cliche at this point but that's okay I hadn't shot it yet.  Like last week it was going to be a long exposure at night.

It had been rainy and cloudy all week, surprise surprise it's Seattle in winter. I tried to get down to the waterfront in time for blue hour but it didn't really matter as you'll see in the photos.  Thanks to Google Street View I had already scouted out where I wanted to shoot from.  I grabbed my camera bag and zipped down to the waterfront.  I set up my tripod and used my wide angle lens to get several shots of the ferris wheel at a variety of shutter speeds.  I then switched to my 85mm and 50mm to get detail/abstract photos of the wheel. While I liked those my photo editor (The Wife) liked the landscape one of the ferris wheel as can be seen here on Instagram.

You can see all of the selects from my shoot below.

Next week's challenge is Creative: Quiet Moment.  My initial plan was to go shoot a sunrise photo of Lake Washington with Mount Rainier in the background from Seward Park this week.  Though my dog Sammie sleeps like the dead all day long so I may end up taking a photo of him instead.  We'll have to see.